Feedback for Poems and Prose

From 2014, Prosaic aims to be a paying magazine. In order to raise funds to make this possible, Prosaic will be providing feedback for poems and prose. If you are looking for quality feedback before sending your work for publication do take a look at our opinions presented. All proceeds goes to paying our editors, contributors and paying to print the magazine.

“Prosaic gave me honest, clear, and helpful comments for my stories. They were very specific with trouble areas in the plots and told me how to fix them. It was like being a writing workshop all over again. The best part is they do not put you down as a writer – they find your strengths and build you up. Their feedback is well worth the money.”

– Darlene Campos, MFA candidate, Fiction Judge for Yeah Write Review 


Here is our price list (All prices are in USD):

Individual Poems

$5 – 1 poem  buynow1

$9 – 2 poems 2buy

$12 – 3 poems3buy

Individual Prose (Maximum of 5000 words) 

$10 – 1 prose piece 4buy

$18 – 2 prose pieces5buy

$25 – 3 prose pieces6buy

Poetry Manuscript Feedback 

Chapbooks (maximum of 20 poems) – $50 7buy

Full length book (maximum of 50 poems) – $100 8buy

Please send your poems/prose/manuscripts to Please indicate your receipt number. Please attached for files in pdf, doc or docx format

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